How Can We Help?

Let us help you focus on what you do best. We can take on the work that helps grow your business but takes up your valuable time.


Buried under spreadsheets? Not sure how to grow your business? Let us do the behind the scenes work so you focus on what drives you.


We have a set of proven tools for your small business. From team reviews, to data analytics and budgeting, let our tools make your job easier.


Time is your greatest asset, don't let your business steal it unnecessarily. Together we will help you establish a healthy balance.

About 1527 Strategies

So much time and effort goes into starting a business and it seems like there is a ton of support to get you up and running. Now that you’re in business it seems like there is less help to turn to.

We are here for you, the business owner with day-to-day concerns, problems, fears. We are small business owners who understand and we are here for you.

Meet Your Partner

Jeff Orr Headshot

Jeff Orr

Founder and lead partner

As co-founder and President & CEO of Tool Shed Brewing Company Jeff has learned what a growing business needs. Jeff's experience and network is your key to business growth and stability.


Managing Business Partnerships

Business partnerships can be tricky at times. Our founder Jeff Orr recently offered his advice on managing business partnerships in this interview with ATB Financial. Jeff’s top 5 tips for working with a business partner Read more…